How to create snippets

There are a lot of features hidden within our snippets. Down below you will get a detailled introduction on whats possible.

The "Let's share" area

While editing your snippet, you will also find an area where you can share it. This is the main component you can use to share your protected snippet.

Apart from sharing it using the social share buttons, you can send the link or embed it into your very own website by simply copy&paste the content in the textarea.

The Snippet URL's

The URL system we use for our snippets is very simple. You can always either copy the URL from the URL field within the "Let's share" area or copy it directly from the URL bar in your browser.

The URL itself also accepts certain parameters. Down below is a list with more details:

This parameter allows you to preview your current snippet. Since when you are logged in and you click your own snippet URL, you automatically come to the "edit" screen. To avoid that, add the ?preview=1 parameter to the URL.

This parameter allows you to display the snippet in it's raw format. Simply add the ?raw=1 parameter to the URL.