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...and keep full control over your messages.

Dispensable emails that last.

Every email alias created with Foggy Email, lasts until you update or delete it.
You can use that alias to receive as much emails as you want, for as long as you want.
Each incoming email will be straight forwarded to your original email.

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Foggy Email is fully API integrated and ready for automation


Our features

Apart from being amazing in protecting your email, we offer you the following:

Ever-lasting Email Alias

Every email alias you create, will last as long as you want. There's no timely condition to it. You can also update and delete it anytime.

Amazing Security and Privacy

We are working tight with forwardmx.io to forward your emails in the most secure way possible. Logs are automatically deleted every hour and emails are kept only as long as the transaction lasts.

API Integration

Foggy Email is fully API-integrated to automate all of your protections. To learn more about our API, you can click here.

Fully Integrated with WordPress Email Encoder

Better Protection for your WordPress site.

Foggy.Email is fully Integrated with the Email Encoder plugin for WordPress.
It will automatically replace all of your emails on your website through disguised email aliases to protect your real email.
On top of that, it will also encode and protect the disguised emails to keep spam bots even further away.

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